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Membru Bizoo de 14 ani.
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Aparat FH (dinamometru digital) de masura a fortei

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460 €
FH Universal digital Force Gauge (Push / Pull) with Peak-Hold function
Technical Highlight:
- Resolution: beginning at 0.001 N
- Accuracy: 0.2 % of Capacity (FH 200K and higher: 1 % of Cap.)
- Data Sampling Rate: 2000 Hz
- Mini Statistics Kit

Delivered in a hard carrying case
Dimensions: L 238 x B 63 x H 36 mm;
Weight: 640 g
Real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transcients or capture peaks
Auto-Power-OFF: Programmable automatic shutoff after 1 to 60 sec.
Mini Statistics Kit calculates the average result from up to ten stored single results, min., max., n.
Selectable measuring units of NEWTONS, kgf, lbf
Large LCD Display with blue backlight, Reverse Display possible (180)
Standard Output RS 232 C to printer or PC included
Thermo-Printer AP 01 included
Programmable high / low setpoints for go/no-go testing
Light and sound signal output
6 Standard Attachments
Options: analog output, standard or premium software
Overload Protection: 150% of capacity
12 standard models available, from 2N to 10.000N
Other models from 20.000N to 1.000.000N available on request.

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