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Pressure Transmitter - Series SML
Industry Standard
The ADZ SML pressure transmitters contain only a small number of active components, such as the sensor element, a signal processing ASIC and an U/I converter circuit.

Calibration takes place electronically, so that the pressure transmitters display a comparably small total error and are stable in the long term. The hermetically welded thin film-measuring cell ensures a high degree of long-term resistance to leakage and stability.
The ASIC is a programmable precision CMOS ASIC with EEPROM data storage and analogue signal path, which is suitable for an extended operating temperature range. The special steel membrane is completely vacuum-tight, burst-proof and can be used with all standard media in hydraulics, pneumatics, environmental technology, process technology, semi-conductor technology and automotive engineering, in as far as they are compatible with special steel. This thereby covers use in standard applications in mobile hydraulics and in other areas of application. The great exactness and the robust, compact structure guarantee a broad range of possible uses in industry. On basis of  combining different mechanical and electronic connections, a variety of different pressure transmitters is offered.
Pressure range: - 0,1 MPa ... + 0,1 MPa and 0,06 MPa to 400 MPa
(- 1 ... + 1 bar and 0 ... 600 mbar to 4000 bar)
Output: 4...20 mA (2 wire and 3 wire); 0...10 V; 0...5 V; 0,5...4,5 V (rat.)
Ambient temperature: - 40    degr. C to 105    degr. C
Media temperature: to 125    degr. C
Resistant to pressure peaks
Shockproof and vibration-proof
Insensitive to temperature shocks
Protection class: DIN EN 60 529 - IP 65
Wetted material sensor: stainless steel
Piezo-resistive, vacuum-proof
Stainless steel diaphragm with pressure range resistor (Poly-Si on SiO ) 2
Mixed signal ASIC
Case: stainless steel
Electrical connection: MSVC DIN 175 301 - 803)
Pressure port: G   0.25" Forma (E)
Accuracy class: 0,5 % F.S. (RT) standard
Weight: 90 g

Pretul indicat este pentru senzorul de presiune relativa model ADZ NAGANO SML-10.0

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